software engineer.

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Driven by exploration of new technology. Excited by systems design and scalability challenges.

Looking for opportunities to explore new technologies; passionate about applying technology to build a sustainable future. Interested in decentralized systems, sustainable agriculture, and other congruent ideas.

I'm a software engineer; I build products. From idea to prototype to production, I've worked with teams of varying sizes in operations, engineering, systems and infrastructure roles to build robust software. I've got experience building tooling and automation to support seamless development, deployment, and monitoring. I have some ideas about how systems should coalesce, and I'm excited by working on the bleeding edge of technology. New technologies, platforms, and ideas are exciting; I'm eager to expand my technical breadth in service of building a great product.

i know
code; golang, java, scala, clojure, bash, etc.   run; linux, containers, kubernetes, prometheus, fluentd, kibana, etc.

i worked
wade and wendy; new york, new york2.2016 - 12.2016
software engineer; first engineer
  • designed, planned and built initial product from idea to production.
  • as first engineer, established internal processes and engineering tools to scale the team.
ondeck; new york, new york3.2014 - 5.2015
software engineer; lead, engineering tools & standards
  • established organization wide engineering standards and non functional requirements.
  • planned long term architectural vision & prioritized work for several engineers.
software engineer; lead, core rearchitecture
  • lead re-architecture of core servicing platform to facilitate long term competitive growth.
  • architect distributed soa & ledger accounting system to support loan servicing.
software engineer; core team
  • implement rest web services in java to support internal & external tools.
siteworx; new york, new york4.2012 - 3.2014
software engineer, technical lead
  • engineering lead on a team of 4 engineers and one test engineer.
lbi software; woodbury, new york1.2012 - 4.2012
software engineer

i studied
b.s. computer science | stony brook university | 2011